A Bedroom for health

How to have a peaceful sleep? Are you sure that your bedroom is nice and clean?Person who always got sick, ill, or have sneezes more than usually. If may happen to many person but why? The pollution that you contact every day, traffic, or may your next house make you sick. But in this topic we talk about allergy. Nowadays allergy become the main topic.

People who suffer from allergy are valuable to air, temperature, dust, food. Allergist starts to concern about bedroom because we spend more than 10 hours for sleep or rest. If your bedroom is dirty, especially dust. It make you ill and of course allergy.Not only bedroom must nice and comfortable but you should carefully decide materials and stuffs for decoration.

Bed and bedclothes – bed should not has a leg to prevent dust for flow in. Beds material should be rubble or sponge and bedclothes should made from cotton to prevent any skin allergy. Bedclothes should be change 2-3 days weekly.

Room decoration – Room decorations should have less as much as possible to prevent it gather dust. Books and should be separated and dressing tables should have frame or background or combine it to be a same part of bath room.

Bedroom floor – case with vinyl or wood plank, should not case with carpet.

Curtain – choose a gather less dust curtain or easy to clean swags.

Window and ventilation – it is important even using an air conditioner. Because a bedroom must has good refreshing air and without smoke or any perfume.


A Bedroom for health