A combine Decoration with white and other colors

The tradition way and common used is a white wall or a white ceiling then adding another detail such as a red hanging picture or a tree. These ways are easy and convenient
However you shouldn’t use many color in the same room. It may end up confused and disarray. We advice that you try a pair of hot or cool color or totally difference.
You should consider a good ratio which color tones you desire. An example hot tone is 70 and Cool tone is 30 for a good combination of hot level tone. They have many types of combination; find a good combination which one is suit your room.
This combination is classic, gentle and clean such as a white spot on the black wall or a black and white stripe. You may paint a beautiful flower color or other decoration.

White – brown

It is a nature tone, classic gentle and warming. This tone is easy to mix with other color and make a room feel lovely and comfortable.

White – Hot tone

Normally red, orange and yellow give a strong feeling such as excitement, ardent and delightful. A combination of White – Hot tone is give a more space for your room decreases a strong presence and if you put more white tone. You will have a pastel tone which sweet and gentle.
White and cool tone
It is another interested tone, especially a white tone with other color or blue and white is a classic tone and has a relaxant feeling and easy to combine with other color and well used with resort painting.
White and gold

It is a special tone that gives a luxurious feeling because gold color its meaning is wealth and flourishes. This tone can combine with other color such as red-gold – a highly popular in Chinese. White gold is classic age tone.

A white and silver

The color silver is a little trick by adding a gray into material and makes it shinny so it is easy to combine with other color. It is up to designer for put a good use to it. A white a silver tone is most suitable in this 20 century luxury and classic.


A combine Decoration with white and other colors