An easy decoration and a narrow bedroom

Swag or frame – is easy a way to manage a house space, inexpensive and without extension your house and loose more money.
New lamp – light have an affect on environment of your room and change a mood or emotion of that room such as add a chandelier in your dining room. It makes your room much more luxury.
A little corner for you self – you may start from your bed room. A corner for resting, reading a book or chatting with friend

Curtain – A curtain help filters light and make you room looking good. Curtains are cheap, variable and easy to find. You may put your newly curtain onto the wall or using a long curtain to delude and make your ceiling look height than usual.
A narrow bedroom

In a small house such as Townhouse has a little space to use and it is hard to decorate your room.
1. Bed placement – Bed is the largest in the room should put in the corner to save limited space and we can put other furniture such as dressing table

2. By using a light filter curtain VERTICAL BLIND or SLIM LINE makes the room look clean and tidy

3. An easy decoration might make the room look clear and clean.

4. A hidden light under bed made the room much more big than usual.

5. A share closet between rooms should mange wisely.

6. If you don’t use closet. You may put a screen or put stuffs for more room spacing


An easy decoration and a narrow bedroom