The little tips for house decoration.

If you use a wood or a plank for the decoration. Wood may be rotten you may use a mirror instead. Due to its durable and easy to clean. You may use a 4.5 inches to 5.0 inches mirror for a shelf and put bulbs or lights to make it look nice.

Light in the bathroom

A good bathroom should have enough light, especially if you don’t want to pay a little more electronic bills. You should desire a bathroom to be more lighten it help reduce a moisture during daylight. In order to make you bathroom lighter you may use a window with a dense mirror or change bathroom wall with mirror. You may enjoy with surround nature.
Light from a lamp.

It is inevitable to have a lamp in your bathroom they are so many type of light bulbs its origin make a different color. Incandescent is an old bulb and common use nowadays. Halogen is newer and has many sizes and colors. They have Metal – Halide, Fluorescent or Fiber – Optics too.

Foyer decoration

Circle foyer decoration. Noting else could be better than decorate a floor with circle texture. If you put furniture in your little space room. You may find you room untidily. Incase you have as lager room you put your lovely sculpture or picture. Floor consist with granite and maple at the center of the floor its texture like Europe clock. By doing this it make circle texture delude your eyes and make it gibbously.


The little tips for house decoration.